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but money is a poor business"
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This page provides access to both FREE Information about UK Companies and individual directors as well as some optional paid reports and copies of any documents filed at companies house. International credit reports are also available on most worldwide companies.

The optional paid reports include:

Profile Report - Basic data for a quick company assessment

  • Easy to use Risk Score with Score Key
  • Recommended Credit Limit
  • Top level sales summary
  • Top level profit summary#
  • Immediate notifications of interest

Full Data Report - A comprehensive report of everything you need to know about a company. Is also excellent as a benchmarking tool to see how you compare against the rest of your industry.

  • Everything in the profile report +
  • Breakdown of the company accounts including turnover and profit figures.
  • Historical credit score information
  • County court judgement summary
  • Comprehensive data from up to four years accounts
  • Issued capital
  • Full director details
  • Details of Directors other interests
  • Shareholder details
  • Shareholder structure
  • Gazette information
  • Industry comparison by SIC code
  • Key ratios such as gearing and liquidity

Director searches
These can provide information on individual directors such as date of birth, address, all directorships with registration number, date of appointment and company status.

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